Support We Offer


If you are housebound or find it difficult to get around, we are here to help.

If you would simply value a bit of company from time to time, we are here to help.  

We can sit and chat, walk the dog, help out in the house or garden, pick up some shopping, take you out, and generally lend a helping hand.

We have a team of volunteers who have committed to helping people like you in the community.  They will offer you friendship and support, a listening ear and a caring hand.  

Bovey Community Care is a local charitable organisation set up to provide friendly support for people living in the Bovey Tracey area.  We aim to match you with a volunteer who will visit you regularly and possibly help out with things such as shopping and other household issues.  The services we offer include:

  • Companionship and a listening ear
  • Help with shopping
  • Help with socialising
  • Dog-walking
  • Low level help in the home and garden
  • Help with information and form-filling
  • Outings to local shopping centres or areas of interest
  • Carer relief
  • Help after you are discharged from hospital with prescription collection, shopping and low level help in the house
  • Phone Friends (a weekly phone call from our friendly team)
  • Monthly lunch club (transport provided) at Ullacombe Farm
  • Monthly afternoon tea club Chai and Chat (transport provided) at various local venues
  • Monthly craft club with homemade cake and refreshments
  • Explore the Moor trips
  • The Wellbeing programme

What areas do we cover? We can help you if you live in Bovey Tracey, Hennock, Heathfield, Ilsington or Liverton.  If you live near to our catchment area it may be possible for us to refer to your local befriending organisation.

How it works

The coordinator will arrange a first visit with you to establish exactly how we can help, and to explain what we can offer.  Next you will be matched with one of our volunteers who will be introduced to you by the coordinator.

The coordinator will contact you (and also the volunteer) soon after this introduction to check you are happy with the arrangement, and once again 2 weeks later.  

Support will be offered for an initial period of 6 weeks but can be reviewed at any time during that period; after the 6 weeks have expired we will decide together whether you would benefit from further support, always on the understanding that we may need our volunteer to help somebody new.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers have been selected following an interview and application process, and have been DBS checked.  They have kindly agreed to offer their time to Bovey Community Care for free, and are looking forward to helping others in the community.

Bovey Community Care policy

We would prefer to be clear about a few of our policies in order simply to avoid any misunderstandings at a later stage.

Please do not ask your volunteer for their telephone number; they are not allowed to give out this information.  Please always make contact through the coordinator.

Bovey Community Care policy does not allow volunteers to accept personal gifts of any kind.  

Our insurance policy does not cover personal or medical care so if a situation arises where either of these is required, volunteers are instructed to speak to the coordinator who will contact the relevant statutory authority.  

Anything you tell your volunteer will be held in confidence by Bovey Community Care, and will only be disclosed to a third party with your consent, unless we have a legal obligation to disclose it or an overriding duty of care to you.

Trips out in the car

If as part of our service your volunteer agrees to take you out in the car (to the shops or bank, on the moor or to other nearby attractions within a 20 mile radius), we would very much appreciate a donation roughly equivalent to the mileage driven @ 50p per mile.  Please hand your donation to the volunteer in a sealed envelope, and they will give you a receipt.  The donation will then be passed on to the Treasurer.  We suggest a time limit of 2 – 2.5 hours since your volunteer will have other commitments to fulfil.

Phone Friends

We can arrange for a Phone Friend to ring you once a week at a specified time; this can really help if you are feeling low or alone. Phone Friends are Bovey Community Care volunteers and as such are fully vetted and trained. Your Phone Friend will ring you for up to 30 minutes at a time; the coordinator will check with you both after a fortnight to see how things are going, and after 6 weeks we will review the support you are receiving together. If your Phone Friend is concerned at all about you he/she will report those concerns to the coordinator – the same rules about confidentiality apply as set out above.

The Wellbeing programme

The Wellbeing programme is being funded by the NHS for patients who are over 50 years old.  Bovey Community Care through Moorland Community Care Group is part of the Southern Devon Wellbeing Partnership which was awarded the contract to provide wellbeing services in our area.

The programme is intended for people who would benefit from a guided conversation around “what matters to you” rather than “what’s the matter with you”, and comes in the form of support over 12 weeks (which can be extended if necessary) from the Wellbeing Coordinator.  The aim of the guided conversation is to identify the participant’s wishes for their life and areas where improvements could be made.

The idea is to support and enable participants to make small changes in their life in order to improve their overall wellbeing.

Bovey Community Care has a Wellbeing Coordinator who works with clients/participants to support them.

Referral into the Wellbeing programme is via GPs or other health professionals.  If you would like to find out more please Contact Us.